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Get the ideal vehicle for the job. We make customization quick, easy and affordable.

Those looking to optimize vehicle performance turn to Motrec. Whether you need just a few optional safety features or a vehicle that has been entirely designed and built to your specifications, our experienced team will get your customized Motrec to you quickly and affordably. We even make the entire process easy.

Our TCO-obsessed team

It takes a lot of experience and industry knowledge to be able to take a customer’s needs and turn it into a fully tailored vehicle with certified, cost-effective performance. Our team of engineers and designers go well beyond simple modifications. They can propose innovative ways to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your vehicle without sacrificing performance. Our high level of craftsmanship also means your custom vehicle will perform reliably for many years to come.

Our industry-renowned expertise

There’s a lot that goes into custom-building a vehicle—from designs to functional analyses to 3D prototypes.

Our team has nearly 30 years of expertise in new products development and can help you tackle your most challenging projects. From custom modifications to 100% custom-built designs, we can ensure a high-quality, ergonomic vehicle with superior performance.


  1. Responsive costing models adapted to you
  2. Maintenance protocols designed around you
  3. Enhanced productivity
  4. Enhanced customer satisfaction
  5. Safer, more secure operation
  6. Truly turnkey solution


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