Motrec CEO Blair McIntosh to be keynote speaker at DEX Expo | Motrec

Motrec CEO Blair McIntosh to be keynote speaker at DEX Expo

One-day regional table-top tradeshow brings together leading designers & engineers to discuss the latest technologies driving business growth.

Blair McIntosh knows a thing or two about driving business growth. Since becoming the CEO of Motrec in 2011, he has built the company into one of the world’s most recognized and respected brands of electric industrial vehicles.

But Blair’s track record as a passionate entrepreneur and forward-thinking leader goes much further back. His expertise spans business development, sales & marketing, negotiation, customer service, management and strategic planning. He’s also a strong supporter of passionate young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that drive positive change in the world.

All of which make him the ideal keynote speaker for the upcoming DesignEngineer Expo (or DEX Expo) this coming June 19th in Sherbrooke.

The many insights Blair will share in his keynote speech include :

  • Manufacturing in Canada – The Motrec Experience
  • Differentiation: the key to competing in the US market
  • Embracing industry 4.0 to improve productivity
  • Adopting a continuous improvement and lean manufacturing mindset
  • Remaining agile amid rapid growth
  • Why innovation is more important than you think
  • Recruiting the right employees and creating the right environment to retain them
  • The unexpected pros & cons of building a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

“At Motrec, our sole focus is to design and manufacture industrial electric vehicles for the horizontal transportation of goods or people. It’s this singular focus – backed by our strong culture of innovation, teamwork, agility, and customer service – that enables us to consistently deliver vehicles that meet our customers’ chief objective: moving people and goods as efficiently and safely as possible.

Many of the lessons we’ve learned on the road to success can apply to other businesses and industries. My goal is for people to walk away with a clearer sense of how technology and innovation can be powerful drivers of growth.”

– Blair McIntosh, CEO at Motrec

Join us at DEX Expo Sherbrooke this coming June 19th. Register here.