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Businesses in the commerce & services market routinely have to do more with less.

That’s why even the world’s most demanding retail customers like Wal-Mart depend on Motrec electric vehicles. Our versatile, low-maintenance designs will allow you to optimize warehousing operations right from the very first shift—whether it’s chasing stock or conducting tours.


Minimize disruption to your daily operations with our virtually indestructible vehicles. Features like all-steel unibody construction and bolt-on front and rear bumpers mean less maintenance, and less downtime.


Help your warehouse teams work more efficiently by making fewer trips. Our stock chasers feature longer decks that can carry up to 25% more goods per load, and dual front wheels to provide the stability needed to exploit the entire deck area.


Reduce operator strain and fatigue—accidents, too—even after an extra-long shift. Our vehicles are designed from the wheels up with safety and comfort in mind. From the padded bucket seats to the light touch controls to the low step entry, you’ll be impressed by our many standard features.


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